Client Success with iMIS


Advocis Success with iMIS Membership Software

With more than 11,000 members organized in 40 chapters across the country, Advocis -- the Financial Advisors Association of Canada -- is the oldest and largest voluntary professional membership association of financial advisors and planners in Canada. Advocis’ members serve the financial interests of millions of Canadians by providing estate and retirement planning, wealth management, risk management and tax planning.

With iMIS in place, Advocis was able to turn around its application processing time -- from being consistently 8 to 12 weeks backed up to just a 2-day turnaround.


Prior to selecting iMIS, Advocis had gone through many adjustments in just a short period, including staff changes, a merger, three database system changes, and a new accounting system. They needed to quickly implement a new solution to minimize the issues they were facing with their legacy system -- including a two- to three-month application processing backlog.


To best address all the changes the organization was facing, they chose iMIS to manage their operations. The system was purchased and installed in a relatively short time frame to minimize the organization's exposure to their existing problematic system. Advocis was able to take advantage of the increased functionality of iMIS to simplify its administrative processes.


The organization is now enjoying significant efficiency improvements. They can quickly and easily pull accurate membership counts, transfer members from one chapter to another, transfer members to and from different meetings, and easily produce custom AR/invoice reports.