Client Success with iMIS

AFOA Canada

AFOA Canada Success with iMIS Membership Software

AFOA Canada (formerly Aboriginal Financial Officers Association of Canada) is a not-for-profit association that helps Aboriginal people better manage and govern their communities by focusing on enhancing finance and management practices and skills. AFOA Canada's premise is that effective management is key to building social and economic prosperity and is essential to successful Aboriginal governance.

We made an investment in iMIS years ago -- but we knew we weren’t using the system to its full potential. We were thrilled to learn that we could create a new website that seamlessly integrates with our database -- thereby saving us time, money, and frustration. We've now created a more engaging, empowering website for our members -- and we can easily manage the content ourselves.


A long-time iMIS client, AFOA Canada wanted to create a new website and needed help to manage the content going forward. Their existing, content-only website was created with Dreamweaver software and had no iMIS integration. Member interactions were manually processed by staff that had to re-key form and credit card payment data into iMIS. AFOA Canada's original plan was to employ a local web developer to design the new site as well as to manage the content for them. Their technical partner would be responsible for ensuring the new site would interface with iMIS.


As they began to explore how the website would interface with iMIS, the organization discovered they could use the native functionality of the iMIS Engagement Management System to create the new website and manage the content themselves. The flexible, dynamic new site has allowed members to access their own profiles, register for events and training courses, purchase AFOA Canada publications and other products, pay their dues online, access online communities, and enjoy content that is tailored to their specific needs and interests. The organization also began managing its inventory and orders through iMIS.


With the new website, AFOA Canada is providing convenient self-service options, delivering dynamic content, and eliminating manual data processing. They are also making great strides in the configuration and usage of iMIS. Financials are now configured correctly, credit card authorizations have been streamlined, and batch control and usage procedures have been put into practice. The organization is steadily enhancing member engagement and achieving real staff efficiencies as well. They are already planning the next phase, which will include a full copy of the site translated into French using the content management functionality in iMIS.