Client Success with iMIS Membership and Fundraising Software

Second Baptist Church of Houston

Second Baptist Church of Houston Success with iMIS Faith-based Software

Second Baptist Church in Houston, TX ("Second") is "one church in six locations." Together, they have more than 67,000 members in the Houston area with an average worship attendance of 23,456. Second is supported by a staff of 1,200, including 350 iMIS users.

We have had an exceptional relationship with ASI. ASI cares about their clients. Every few years, we reevaluate our choice of solutions and we continue to choose iMIS. It is a great product developed and maintained by great people.


Prior to iMIS, Second Baptist Church was using a proprietary system they developed because it was challenging to find a solution designed to meet the unique requirements of large churches — particularly a multi-location church. The custom system was difficult and expensive to maintain and didn’t address all their needs. They wanted one system they could use for data management, website management, and to track their members’ participation. It also had to be easy for staff and volunteers to use.


With iMIS, Second found their "Church Management System." The combination of extensive out-of-the-box features, integration with other products, and tools to build custom applications provided Second with a solution that met its unique needs. They were able to track and quantify member involvement in events, bible study, children’s programs, etc. at an individual, family and group level. Second has been able to provide online and mobile options that allow them to better track the interests of the congregation, provide greater member convenience, and increase staff/volunteer efficiency.


Since implementing iMIS, Second has grown both physically and in terms of member engagement. Staff is more efficient — tracking check-in times for children has been reduced from 25 minutes to just 30 seconds. For years, Second had gathered comments from their prospective members; volunteers then recorded these in the system for later follow up — but legacy system constraints allowed them to log only about 100-200 per month. After creating an online form with iMIS, Second now processes about 2,200 comments each month and their follow-up with prospective members has dramatically increased.