Success Partnership Program

Let Your Business Strategy Drive Your Technology Decision Making

Our Success Partnership Program (SPP) provides thought-leadership and specialist insights combined with action plans to senior association executives who want to improve organizational performance and increase member engagement. We’ll show you how you can achieve great things through transitional and transformative performance.


Workshop Schedule

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May 25EuropeOnline - BST SeminarSPP052521E
May 25North AmericaOnline - EDT SeminarSPP052521
May 27EuropeOnline - BST SeminarSPP052721E
May 27North AmericaOnline - EDT SeminarSPP052721
Jun 1North AmericaOnline - EDT SeminarSPP060121
Jun 22North AmericaOnline - EDT SeminarSPP062221
Jun 24EuropeOnline - BST SeminarSPP062421E
Jun 24North AmericaOnline - EDT SeminarSPP062421
Jun 29EuropeOnline - BST SeminarSPP062921E
Jun 29North AmericaOnline - EDT SeminarSPP062921


Key Program Benefits:

  • Build consensus between you and your team on key operational drivers for performance improvement.

  • Achieve clarity on the top four key operational drivers, simplify processes, reduce technology costs, increase member engagement, and uncover options for increasing your annual income.

  • Visualize practical applications and improvements to support your top fourkey operational drivers based on best practices.

  • Develop a transitional and transformative performance improvement plan.

Everything was delivered on-time and as promised. We would absolutely recommend the SPP to any not-for-profit that needs to be sure that the new system will meet their needs and help them reach their performance goals before investing.

The Appraisal Foundation uses iMIS

Communicate with your Board with confidence.

Our SPP experience will help you prepare a supportive business case in driving your organization's technology decision making.

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