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iMIS Report Writer, powered by Exago business intelligence (BI) software, allows you to easily turn data into actionable insights. With it, you can create advanced reports, visualizations, and interactive dashboards in iMIS Engagement Management System (EMS) with award-winning ease of use. The iMIS Report Writer features an embedded drag-and-drop report designer with secure access to iMIS EMS data sources including Business Objects and IQAs.

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Key Features:

Having accurate, real-time reporting at your fingertips is critical to your organization — and iMIS Report Writer delivers. This powerful tool allows you to measure your KPIs and other important metrics quickly and easily.



Access robust self-service, ad hoc reporting and analytics in real time from within iMIS EMS with complex reporting features, visualizations, and dashboards. Export reports to PDF, XLS, CSV, or RTF files.



Quickly configure dashboards and reports with familiar data objects — no knowledge of underlying SQL structure needed. Create the customized reports your organization needs using embedded drag-and-drop report designer and interactive report view.



Drill into charts, link to related reports, adjust filter settings, re-sort data values, change chart types, and refresh report elements — all from the fully responsive dashboard display screen.



Access iMIS EMS data sources through business objects and IQA queries. Take advantage of object- and row-level security.


Analyze your data using ExpressView, Advanced Reports, or dynamic Dashboards.


ExpressView: Simple "On-the-Fly" Reports

Easily design and deploy beautiful and functional online forms

  • Design and view your data in real time through one tool that’s directly within iMIS EMS
  • Produce one-click charts
  • Use drag-and-drop grouping, sorting, filtering, aggregates, and formatting
  • Style and save as PDF, RTF, CSV, or Excel files
iMIS Report Writer

Advanced: Complex, Feature-Rich Reports

Advanced Reports lets you build highly complex reports to provide the real-time analytics your organization needs for sound decision making.

  • Access a powerful yet familiar report designer with a wizard for easy report creation, syntax helper, and auto-complete
  • Apply advanced join, filter and sort logic, crosstabs (pivot tables), linked child reports, and grouping
  • Utilize built-in formula language, conditional formatting, and function library
  • Format the report’s appearance at run time
iMIS Report Writer

Dashboards: Dynamic Visualizations

With Dashboards, you can create vivid representations of your data that will help you monitor key metrics and measure progress towards important organizational goals.

  • Personalize the text, borders, images, visual filters, and embedded web pages
  • Interact in real time with dynamic filtering and drill-downs
  • Mix and match embedded reports and visualizations on a design canvas
  • Switch between chart and tabular views
  • Easily search for text within reports
iMIS Report Writer

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We’ve partnered with Exago BI to bring you the ultimate in business intelligence that’s fully optimized for iMIS EMS. Gartner ranks Exago #1 in Reporting, Best Overall for Business Intelligence.


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