iMIS Forms

iMIS Form Builder

iMIS Form Builder helps you design and deploy beautiful and functional forms that drive value for your staff and constituents. Forms can combine information from multiple iMIS data sources while enforcing complex business rules to ensure that your data is captured correctly and completely while leading your constituents on the journeys that you have planned for them.

iMIS Forms

Key Features

iMIS Form Builder consists of the Form Designer (within your staff site) along with associated iParts for Form Deployment, Document Display and Document Management that can be deployed on your Staff administrative site, your public website(s) or both.


Form Design & Management


  • Design and layout attractive forms using any combination of contact, address, user-defined or activity fields from iMIS
  • Use a full-featured HTML template to apply custom styling and graphics to your forms (optional)
  • Sample forms for are provided for guidance
  • Works within RiSE – deploy supporting iParts in and around your form to create a complete member experience
  • Form history allows you to restore prior form versions on demand
  • Form related documents can be uploaded as part of a form process (resumes, transcripts, letters of recommendation)

Form Automation


  • Existing iMIS data is dynamically prefilled into any form
  • Create and validate new accounts in iMIS while enforcing custom duplicate check logic per customer type
  • Anonymous users can securely submit information to iMIS (contact forms, complaint forms)
  • Programmable buttons help you to create workflows and present options to your constituents.
  • Add complex automation to your forms with post-submission processing via Button Automation
  • Allow authorized third-party access to forms and form results to support committee and stakeholder engagement


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