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iMIS Email Marketing

iMIS Email Marketing helps you engage your members, donors, and other constituents with dynamic, consistent, and relevant messaging directly from iMIS Engagement Management System (EMS). You can create multiple templates to quickly send personalized yet automated emails to individuals or segmented lists — including attachments — then analyze key campaign metrics results through real-time dashboards.


Standard Features

  • Create email communications and preview before sending
  • Send emails to individuals or segmented lists based on standard or user-defined queries
  • Create multiple email templates to ensure list, messaging, and brand consistency
  • Personalize emails by merging data from other iMIS modules
  • Add attachments such as PDFs and static or personalized SSRS reports to emails
  • Define multiple email types to manage communication preferences and unsubscribes
  • Automatically record sent email details, including the date, sender, and content on recipient's records
  • Schedule and automate emails such as receipts, account updates, and other system emails

Plus Features

  • Track delivery, open, and click rates for an individual email or email campaign through a real-time dashboard
  • Monitor and update undeliverable emails
  • Record email delivery, open, and click rates on individual contact records

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Documentation, articles, and video tutorials for implementing, managing, and using iMIS Email Marketing.