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iMIS Communities

Communities help you create a vibrant social experience where members and donors can connect, collaborate, and communicate in a secure and trusted setting. With Communities, you will provide a unique value to your members, ensuring their retention.


Elevate Engagement

  • Groups: Create multiple communities — each with their own security settings, discussion forums, document libraries, wikis, and/or blogs. Easily define who can see and join individual communities based on any criteria.
  • Discussion Forums: Provide an online forum for your community members to ask questions, offer answers, and discuss issues. Moderate posts and provide community members multiple options for receiving from updates from individual posts to weekly digests.
  • Document Libraries: Collaborate with your community members to build a knowledge base. Create a library of documents, video, audio, and image files accessible to your community members and empower your community members to share files to the document library.
  • Wikis: Empower your community members to collaboratively author content such as a glossary of industry terms.
  • Flexibility: Communities can combine all features or just one, such as a Discussion Forum.

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Feature Guide

View the iMIS Features Guide for details on all the modules available to enhance your iMIS system.


Documentation, articles, and video tutorials for implementing, managing, and using iMIS Communities.