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iMIS Certification

Streamline and automate your credentialing, licensing, and certification processes with iMIS Certification. You have the flexibility to manage multiple certification programs, streamline application processes, generate notifications, and track candidate progress from start to finish.



  • Define and manage multiple certification programs, each with a different set of criteria.
  • Specify any combination of requirements for a certification, including integration with iMIS events and products.
  • Allow applicants to apply for certifications online.
  • Allow applicants to view and monitor their certification progress online.
  • Link certification program criteria to iMIS events or products.
  • Keep track of which individuals are certified and identify individuals who certifications need renewal.
  • Send automated emails to applicants who are approved or denied certification.
  • Send automated reminders to certificants who need to renew their certifications.

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Documentation, articles, and video tutorials for implementing, managing, and using iMIS Certification.