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iMIS Process Automation

Process Automation helps you improve staff productivity and constituent engagement by automating manual tasks and communications. Your constituents receive timely and relevant communications — such as a new member welcome, donation thank you, or event reminder — without burdening your staff so nothing falls through the cracks.


Visual Alerts

  • Leverage a library of configurable, pre-built alerts or easily create your own.
  • Put targeted and personalized alerts on your website that appear when your constituents login.
  • Constituent alert examples include reminders to register for a specific event, renew membership fees, support a fundraising campaign, or update missing contact information.
  • Create alerts to prompt staff to update constituent data or promote a specific event or product when viewing a constituent’s record.

Schedule Tasks

  • Leverage a library of configurable, pre-built tasks or easily create your own.
  • Scheduled Tasks can be an email, a report attached to an email, or a specific stored procedure.
  • Schedule Tasks can be run based on specific queries or changes to database tables in the iMIS Engagement Management System (EMS), such as when a row has been inserted, deleted, or updated.
  • Scheduled Task examples include event reminder emails, membership renewal fee reminders, thank you notices, and staff data entry corrections and prompts.

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