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Administering applications for awards, accreditations, abstracts, grants, scholarships, fellowships, and other programs can often become a tangle of emails, Dropbox files, Excel spreadsheets and — most of all — headaches for your staff, reviewers, and applicants. iMIS Inspire relieves those burdens with an end-to-end solution that fully integrates with iMIS Engagement Management System (EMS) to help you streamline the application and review process. 

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Key features include a mobile-ready application and review portal, fully customizable drag-and-drop online form builders with multi-category and dependent fields, attachment uploading for letters of reference and images, autoscoring, searchable galleries, automated email confirmations, payment processing, and robust tracking and reporting.


Leverage an online submission process, innovative judging platform, state-of-the-art administrative tools, and valuable revenue engines to optimize your entire awards program.


Easily manage large sets of submissions, allow reviewers to access the portal online or through their mobile phones, and accommodate committee-based review and tiered judging permissions.


Collect and review abstracts, keep submitters informed, build online schedules, and automate room assignments and session ids.


Tailor the grants process to meet your specific needs, create personalized communications to keep all stakeholders informed, easily navigate multiple review rounds, and utilize autoscoring.


Using a standardized platform, help applicants submit complete applications and upload required attachments to increase their chances of success and lessen the burden of multi-step review processes.


Create a memorable website for all stakeholders, facilitate the nomination process, promote alumni and fellows, and evaluate your program’s success.


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iMIS Inspire - Powered by OpenWater

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