iMIS Coaching Program from ASI Training

We understand that at times it is necessary to reach out to someone to help get answers to a problem you are facing, or get a quick refresher on how to do something within iMIS.

Sometimes you just need to work with someone one-on-one in order to overcome a stumbling block.

The new iMIS Coaching Program from ASI Training gives your team the flexibility and confidence to know they have a knowledgeable ASI Trainer available quickly to help provide that one-on-one assistance when the need arises.

Enroll Now

To enroll in the Program, just email [email protected]

Once you sign up your team:
  • You will be assigned one of our iMIS Coaches, who will be your team’s primary coach.
  • You can contact your coach to schedule a coaching session. If a specialist coach is needed for you team, your iMIS Coach will arrange the introduction.
  • Using GoToMeeting, your iMIS Coach will record any coaching sessions and provide that recording to you so you can review this later or share with others in your team.


Under the iMIS Coaching Program, we do not provide training servers or training materials, like in our formal training classes. However, we work with you on your iMIS environment, watching you and how you work. 

This provides you with greater security as we don’t need to have access to your systems directly. 

iMIS Coaching
iMIS Coaching brochure
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