ASI Training Voucher

ASI Training 12 Voucher Pack

The ASI Training 12 Voucher Pack is a cost-effective and flexible solution for organizations with multiple individuals whose training needs vary from a single online class to a multi-day training class to private training for your team or to private one-on-one mentoring for a staff member. Our simple voucher program allows you to prepay at a lower cost for any public training that ASI Training offers. Valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, vouchers can be used to pay for any global training classes (including private training classes and one-on-one mentoring) and may be used by any employee in your organization, regardless of their location.

We will track your vouchers for you so you don’t have to worry.

To pay for a voucher pack or to ask for more details, just email


  • United States: $2940
  • Canada: $2940 + GST/HST
  • Australia and Asia-Pacific: $2940 + GST
  • United Kingdom: £1560 + VAT
  • Europe: €1,800

Redeeming Vouchers

Each of our training classes has a specific number of vouchers needed to pay for the class. Check out our course listing for any class you are interested in taking. Here is a simple matrix to explain the number of vouchers needed for a class:

At Your Desk classes

  • 1 two hour session class - 1 voucher
  • 2 two hour session class - 2 vouchers
  • 3 two hour session class - 3 vouchers
  • 4 two hour session class - 4 vouchers

Face-to-Face classes

  • 2 day class - 6 vouchers
    (if you register early, only 5 vouchers)
  • 3 day class - 9 vouchers
    (if you register early, only 8 vouchers)

Private training or coaching

  • 1 day of private training or coaching - 12 vouchers
  • 2 hours of private training or coaching - 3 vouchers
  • 1 hour of private coaching - 1.5 vouchers
  • 0.5 hours of private coaching - 0.75 vouchers

(don't worry - we track this for you)

Stretch your training funds and empower your team to get the training they need without having to worry about just in time payments or tracking down the company credit card. Plan your annual training budget and get a great savings in the process. If you would like our assistance in planning your training needs and focus, please email

Terms and Conditions

To register for a class using a voucher, your team member would simply email with the name and dates of the class they would like to take. They will also need to provide the voucher number to validate they are able to register with your voucher. If you are registering for US-based training classes, your unique voucher code can be used to pay for training at the time of registration.  A voucher pack has to be paid in full before any vouchers can be used. Early registration is encouraged and you will even get a discount on classroom training by registering during the early bird registration period, which ends 2 weeks prior to the start of the class. 

If all the sessions of a class are not covered by vouchers, you will be billed the difference between the number of sessions in the class and the number of voucher(s) used, using a standard per session rate. If a voucher(s) is used to pay for a class that is cancelled by ASI, the voucher(s) will be returned to your organization’s voucher pack. If a student who used a voucher(s) does not attend class without notifying us at least 24 hours before the start of class that they will be absent, the voucher(s) will be considered used. The voucher pack must be used within 12 months of the time of purchase, after which any remaining vouchers are voided.