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It's easy with iMIS Fundraising Software by ASI.

iMIS is a powerful solution for fundraising organizations

All-in-one modern solution designed for fundraising organizations.

iMIS Fundraising Software gives you great insight into your interactions with your donors

Deeper insights with a 360° view of your donor's engagement with your non-profit.

Access iMIS Fundraising Software via the Cloud

Powered by the cloud to be accessible by everyone, everywhere.

Fundraising organizations can customize their members experience with iMIS Software

Personalized donor experience with easy setup, 100s of add-on apps and an open API.

iMIS Fundraising Software is PCI-validated

Know your fundraising data is protected with world-class data security and PCI-validation.

Keep your fundraising software costs predictable with iMIS

Stay on the cutting edge of technology with predictable, subscription pricing.



We are passionate about providing you with the software and services to propel your mission forward.

iMIS Fundraising Software has more than fourty thousand users.



iMIS Fundraising Software helps manage more than fifty million members.



iMIS Fundraising Software is used in more than twenty countries.




Top-Rated Fundraising Software

Designed for fundraising organizations, iMIS fundraising management software can help you:

  • Get a unified view of every interaction with your donors, volunteers, and other constituents.
  • Manage and track multi-channel campaigns including email, direct mail, and telemarketing efforts.
  • Engage your constituents with personalized, automated, and integrated email campaigns.
  • Empower supporters to make online donations, sign up for events, and buy products with one seamless process.
  • Turn your best supporters into your best fundraisers with personal or team-based fundraising pages and tools.
  • Create and track proposals, set up solicitations, and cultivate recurring, major, and planned donors.
  • Give your constituents — and staff — full access to your organization while they’re on the go.
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