ASI Training Course Recommendations

Find a list of recommended ASI Training courses for those on an iMIS Learning Subscription to get you started on your iMIS Learning Pathway!

The courses listed are grouped by iMIS Versions and a list of standard company-based roles to identify which course you should take! 
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iMIS Cloud Enterprise (20-300)
iMIS Cloud Professional (20-100/200)
iMIS 2017
iMIS Implementation courses

Note: These are introductory courses only and you can view the full list of available training classes here.

Click on the relevant link above to view courses available for those with an iMIS Learning Subscription. Click on the Course name links for more information or to register for an upcoming course.

Course Key:
= The course is available online and on demand, meaning you can watch the course at your own leisure
Instructor Led = The course is a live training class with an instructor and other clients. These courses are available in all three key regions (North America, Asia-Pacific and Europe) and you will see an upcoming schedule to register

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