Welcome to ASI Training. We offer a variety of different training courses at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels on topics including general overviews, using modules, administration, reporting, programming, and more. Courses are provided online, at ASI offices worldwide, and can be customized for your specific needs as well as delivered at your office. If you are interested in more information about customized training or training at your office please contact us at

Get your entire team the iMIS knowledge they need to succeed with the iMIS Learning Subscription. Our yearly subscription gives your entire team access to over 1,000 hours of instructor-led training classes, plus online class material and recordings, ideal for any sized budget. Also, every subscription comes with complimentary Learning Paths.


ASI are pleased to announce we are bringing iNNOVATIONS LIVE program to our entire iMIS Community! With regional virtual conferences in Asia-Pacific, Canada and Europe in May & June 2020.
We are offering complimentary registrations to all clients with an iMIS Learning Subscription! (Value of $200 per person)


Spotlight Courses

At the moment, we are adding some many new and updated classes to the schedule that we have too many to spotlight.  Please check out our listing of new classes for 2019 to see the current listing of all our brand new classes.

Here are a sample of some of the new Essentials of iMIS Cloud classes we are now offering:


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04 Jun 2020Business Object DesignerEuropeOnline At Your Desk10:00:00 GMTregisterUKBOD0520
04 Jun 2020Ask the iMIS Coach: Process AutomationNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk14:30:00 ESTregisterATCPRA0620
05 Jun 2020Introduction to iMIS Engagement ScoringEuropeOnline At Your Desk10:00:00 GMTregisterUKENGS0520
05 Jun 2020Business Object DesignerAsia-PacificOnline At Your Desk11:00:00 AESTregisterAPBOD0620
05 Jun 2020Mastering iMIS Cloud Events by ExampleAsia-PacificOnline At Your Desk15:00:00 AESTregisterAPEVEX0520
08 Jun 2020Essentials of iMIS Cloud FinanceNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk09:30:00 ESTregisterFINESS0620
08 Jun 2020iMIS RiSE for Content ManagersEuropeOnline At Your Desk10:00:00 GMTregisterUKRSCM0620
08 Jun 2020Preparing your Data for Conversion into iMISNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk11:30:00 ESTregisterCNVPRP0620
08 Jun 2020Essentials of IQANorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk14:30:00 ESTregisterIQAES0620
09 Jun 2020iMIS Cloud Finance: Payment ProcessingNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk09:30:00 ESTregisterFINPAY0620
09 Jun 2020Introduction to Designing iMIS RiSE WebsitesEuropeOnline At Your Desk10:00:00 GMTregisterUKRSDS0620
09 Jun 2020Essentials of iMIS SecurityNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk11:30:00 ESTregisterSECRES0620
09 Jun 2020Mastering BOD with iMIS Cloud Expression BuilderAsia-PacificOnline At Your Desk13:00:00 AESTregisterAPBDEB0620
09 Jun 2020Advanced IQANorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk14:30:00 ESTregisterIQAADV0620
09 Jun 2020Introduction to iMIS Process AutomationAsia-PacificOnline At Your Desk14:30:00 AESTregisterAPPRAT0620
10 Jun 2020iMIS Cloud Fundraising: Moves ManagementAsia-PacificOnline At Your Desk08:30:00 AESTregisterAPFNDM062
10 Jun 2020iMIS Cloud Finance: Accounting AdjustmentsNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk09:30:00 ESTregisterFINADJ0620
10 Jun 2020Essentials of iMIS Panel DesignerNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk11:30:00 ESTregisterPNELES0620
10 Jun 2020Introduction to iMIS CommunitiesNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk14:30:00 ESTregisterCOMINT0620
11 Jun 2020iMIS Cloud Finance: Closing ProcessesNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk09:30:00 ESTregisterFICLP0620
For all classroom courses, times are based on the current local time for the specific course venue on that date.

For At Your Desk courses, times are based on the current local time for the listed course's region on that date.
  • For Asia-Pacific: times are based on Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)
  • For Europe: times are based on London time (either GMT or BST)
  • For North America (US and Canada): times are based on Eastern Standard Time (EST)