ASI Training Course Matrix

Training Course iMIS Cloud Enterprise
iMIS Cloud Professional
iMIS 20.2
2017 Release
iMIS Orientation Series
iMIS Orientation: New Association User - Introduction *
iMIS Orientation: New Fundraising User - Introduction *
iMIS Orientation: New User - Advanced *
iMIS Orientation: New User - System Administration  
iMIS Orientation: New User - Project Manager/Product Owner  
iMIS Cloud Specific Classes
Essentials of iMIS Cloud Finance *  
iMIS Cloud Finance: Payment Processing *  
iMIS Cloud Finance: Accounting Adjustments *  
iMIS Cloud Finance: Closing Processes *  
Essentials of iMIS Cloud Billing    
iMIS Cloud Billing: Memberships and Dues    
iMIS Cloud Billing: Accrual Dues    
Essentials of iMIS Cloud Commerce    
Essentials of iMIS Cloud Events *  
Mastering iMIS Cloud Events by Example *  
Essentials of iMIS Cloud Fundraising *  
iMIS Cloud Fundraising: Moves Management *  
iMIS Cloud Fundraising: Campaigns and Segmentation *  
Essentials of iMIS Cloud Email *  
Mastering BOD with iMIS Cloud Expression Builder    
Essentials of iMIS Panel Designer  *  
Essentials of iMIS Security    
Other At Your Desk Classes
Introduction to IQA *
Advanced IQA *
Applying iQA with iMIS *
Introduction to iMIS Engagement Scoring *
Introduction to iMIS Dashboards *
Advanced iMIS Dashboards *
Introduction to iMIS Communities  
Introduction to iMIS Certification  
Introduction to iMIS Process Automation  
Applying iMIS Process Automation  
Introduction to Advanced iMIS Email Marketing *
Essentials of AutoPay Payment Processing  
Mastering AutoPay with DataVault Configuration  
iMIS RiSE Configuration and Administration * 
iMIS RiSE for Content Managers *
Introduction to Designing iMIS RiSE Websites *
Preparing Your Data for Conversion into iMIS *
Business Object Designer  
Essentials of iMIS REST API
iMIS REST API: Contact Management
iMIS REST API: Items & Products
iMIS REST API: Commerce
iMIS REST API: Communications
iMIS Professional (200) Specific Classes
iMIS Professional: Membership    
iMIS Professional: Creating Queries with IQA    
iMIS Professional: Events    
iMIS Professional: iMIS Communication Suite    
iMIS 20.2 2017 Release Specific Classes
Customer Management for End Users    
Customer Management - Advanced Topics    
Customer Management for Administrators    
Events for End Users    
Events Setup    
Events Management    
Billing/Dues for End Users    
Billing/Dues for Administrators    
Billing/Dues - Miscellaneous Topics    
Order Entry for End-Users    
Orders for Managers    
Orders - Inventory Management    
AR/Cash for End-Users    
AR/Cash for Managers    
AR/Cash Add-ons for Managers    
Introduction to SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) with iMIS    
Applying SSRS with iMIS    
iMIS Coaching Sessions
Ask the iMIS Coach
Ask the iMIS Coach: IQA
Ask the iMIS Coach: iMIS Cloud Fundraising  
Ask the iMIS Coach: Security
Ask the iMIS Coach: REST API
Ask the iMIS Coach: Preparing for the CiA Assessment    
iMIS Cloud Professional (200) classes which have a * are taught using iMIS Cloud Enterprise (300) servers, but the techniques, approaches and interfaces are applicable to iMIS Cloud Professional. We would encourage individuals on this version of iMIS to feel free to attend these classes.