ASI Training

Welcome to ASI Training. We offer a variety of  training courses at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels on topics including general overviews, using modules, member or staff views, reporting and so much more....

Whether your are just getting started with iMIS, adding new staff/volunteers, modifying staff roles and responsibilities, in need of refreshers, or adding new modules and functionality, our training will help you get the most out of your iMIS investment now and in the future.

iMIS Learning Subscription

Get your entire team the iMIS knowledge they need to succeed with the iMIS Learning Subscription. Our annual subscription gives your entire team access to all our training offerings in a blended learning environment, including:

  • Online learning - learn iMIS at your own pace, at your own convenience with our ASI Learning Hub.
  • Coaching courses - iMIS Coaching courses are designed for you to be able to ask specific questions relevant to your learning needs

Your entire staff will become iMIS experts in no time! 

Watch our introduction video below to find out more about our training offerings and how you can start your iMIS learning today!

Welcome to ASI Training

Watch this short tutorial to find out more about how ASI Training works.

Introduction to ASI Training

Watch this short tutorial to learn how to enrol or register for training and get started on your iMIS Learning.