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23 Sep 2019iMIS REST API: Contact ManagementNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk12:30:00 ESTregisterRSTCTT0919
24 Sep 2019Orders - Inventory ManagementNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk10:00:00 ESTregisterORDINV0919
24 Sep 2019iMIS Cloud Finance: Accounting AdjustmentsNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk10:00:00 ESTregisterFINADJ0919
24 Sep 2019iMIS Orientation: New User - AdvancedEuropeOnline At Your Desk10:30:00 GMTregisterUORADV0919
24 Sep 2019iMIS Orientation: New User - System AdministrationEuropeOnline At Your Desk12:30:00 GMTregisterUORSYA0919
24 Sep 2019Advanced IQANorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk14:00:00 ESTregisterIQAADV0919
25 Sep 2019iMIS Cloud Finance: Closing ProcessesNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk10:00:00 ESTregisterFINCLP0919
25 Sep 2019Orders for ManagersNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk10:00:00 ESTregisterORDMGR0919
25 Sep 2019iMIS REST API: IQA QueriesNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk12:30:00 ESTregisterRSTIQA0919
25 Sep 2019iMIS RiSE Configuration and AdministrationNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk14:00:00 ESTregisterRISECF0919
26 Sep 2019iMIS Cloud Fundraising: Moves ManagementAsia-PacificOnline At Your Desk09:30:00 AESTregisterAPFNDM0819
26 Sep 2019iMIS Cloud Billing: Memberships and DuesNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk10:00:00 ESTregisterBILLMD0919
26 Sep 2019Introduction to IQAEuropeOnline At Your Desk10:00:00 GMTregisterUKIQAI0919
26 Sep 2019Introduction to SQL Server Reporting Services with iMISAsia-PacificOnline At Your Desk14:00:00 AESTregisterAPSRSI0819
27 Sep 2019iMIS Cloud Fundraising: Campaigns and SegmentationAsia-PacificOnline At Your Desk09:30:00 AESTregisterAPFNDC0819
27 Sep 2019Advanced IQAEuropeOnline At Your Desk10:00:00 GMTregisterUKAIQA0919
27 Sep 2019iMIS REST API: CartNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk12:30:00 ESTregisterRSTCRT0919
30 Sep 2019Business Object DesignerNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk10:00:00 ESTregisterBOD1019
30 Sep 2019iMIS RiSE for Content ManagersAsia-PacificOnline At Your Desk10:00:00 AESTregisterAPRSCM0919
30 Sep 2019Essentials of iMIS Cloud FundraisingNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk10:30:00 ESTregisterFUND1019
30 Sep 2019iMIS REST API: Items & ProductsNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk12:30:00 ESTregisterRSTPRD0919
30 Sep 2019Essentials of iMIS Cloud FinanceAsia-PacificOnline At Your Desk14:00:00 AESTregisterAPFNES0919
30 Sep 2019Essentials of iMIS Cloud BillingAsia-PacificOnline At Your Desk16:00:00 AESTregisterAPBLES0919
01 Oct 2019Introduction to iMIS Engagement ScoringNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk10:00:00 ESTregisterENGSCR1019
01 Oct 2019Essentials of iMIS Cloud CommerceAsia-PacificOnline At Your Desk14:00:00 AESTregisterAPCMES0919