ASI are pleased to announce we are bringing iNNOVATIONS LIVE program to our entire iMIS Community! With regional virtual conferences in Asia-Pacific, Canada and Europe in May & June 2020.
We are offering complimentary registrations to all clients with an iMIS Learning Subscription! (Value of $200 per person)


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02 Jun 2020Ask the iMIS Coach: RiSENorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk10:30:00 ESTregisterATCRSE0620
02 Jun 2020Mastering iMIS DashboardsAsia-PacificOnline At Your Desk11:00:00 AESTregisterAPDAM0620
02 Jun 2020iMIS Cloud Fundraising: Moves ManagementEuropeOnline At Your Desk11:30:00 GMTregisterUKFNDM620
02 Jun 2020Mastering iMIS Cloud Email PersonalizationNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk13:30:00 ESTregisterEMLPER0620
02 Jun 2020iMIS Cloud Finance: Accounting AdjustmentsAsia-PacificOnline At Your Desk14:00:00 AESTregisterAPFNAJ0520
02 Jun 2020Ask the iMIS Coach: IQANorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk15:00:00 ESTregisterATCIQA0620
03 Jun 2020Ask the iMIS Coach: REST APIAsia-PacificOnline At Your Desk09:30:00 AESTregisterAPATRT0620
03 Jun 2020Billing/Dues for End UsersNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk10:00:00 ESTregisterBILLEU0620
03 Jun 2020iMIS Cloud Fundraising: Campaigns and SegmentationEuropeOnline At Your Desk11:30:00 GMTregisterUKFNDC0620
03 Jun 2020AR/Cash for End UsersNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk14:30:00 ESTregisterAREU0620
04 Jun 2020Billing/Dues for AdministratorsNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk10:00:00 ESTregisterBILLSU0620
04 Jun 2020Business Object DesignerEuropeOnline At Your Desk10:00:00 GMTregisterUKBOD0520
04 Jun 2020AR/Cash for ManagersNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk14:30:00 ESTregisterARMGT0620
04 Jun 2020Ask the iMIS Coach: Process AutomationNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk14:30:00 ESTregisterATCPRA0620
05 Jun 2020Billing/Dues - Miscellaneous TopicsNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk10:00:00 ESTregisterBILLMS0620
05 Jun 2020Introduction to iMIS Engagement ScoringEuropeOnline At Your Desk10:00:00 GMTregisterUKENGS0520
05 Jun 2020Business Object DesignerAsia-PacificOnline At Your Desk11:00:00 AESTregisterAPBOD0620
05 Jun 2020AR/Cash Add-ons for ManagersNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk14:30:00 ESTregisterAROP0620
05 Jun 2020Mastering iMIS Cloud Events by ExampleAsia-PacificOnline At Your Desk15:00:00 AESTregisterAPEVEX0520
08 Jun 2020Essentials of iMIS Cloud FinanceNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk09:30:00 ESTregisterFINESS0620
08 Jun 2020iMIS RiSE for Content ManagersEuropeOnline At Your Desk10:00:00 GMTregisterUKRSCM0620
08 Jun 2020Preparing your Data for Conversion into iMISNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk11:30:00 ESTregisterCNVPRP0620
08 Jun 2020Essentials of IQANorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk14:30:00 ESTregisterIQAES0620
09 Jun 2020iMIS Cloud Finance: Payment ProcessingNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk09:30:00 ESTregisterFINPAY0620
09 Jun 2020Introduction to Designing iMIS RiSE WebsitesEuropeOnline At Your Desk10:00:00 GMTregisterUKRSDS0620