Upgrade to iMIS EMS Enterprise Learning Pathway

This learning pathway is designed for those existing iMIS users working in iMIS 2017 or earlier versions that are planning or in progress of upgrading to iMIS EMS Enterprise.
The course list below is designed to be an extension of existing knowledge highlighting how to navigate and work with iMIS EMS Enterprise and key areas that are significantly different to previous versions.

Follow the course recommendations below to learn more and get started with iMIS EMS Enterprise.

Click on the links below to find out more about each Course Content or Login to the ASI Learning Hub and Browse the Catalog to Enroll.

Further Learning

Find more courses and learning content for iMIS EMS Enterprise once the initial learning pathways are complete:


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All End Users

Below are the courses we recommend ALL End Users that will be using iMIS EMS Enterprise and the iMIS staff site in more detail. Some courses may only be relevant for those working in particular roles in the organization.

Course  Name  Description  Duration  Pre-Requisites
Welcome to iMIS EMS Enterprise                        This tutorial is for any iMIS clients that are new to iMIS Staff site for iMIS EMS Enterprise. Learn how to navigate through the iMIS Staff site and key staff site settings to get you started. Find the course in the ASI Learning Hub Catalog to enroll
 10 mins  None
Essentials of iMIS Contacts This course will provide all staff and end users the tools needed to manage contacts in the iMIS database, from finding and editing contact and company records, how contacts view their own information through the self-service customer portal and how administrator roles and responsibilities work.
 1 hour  None
Essentials of iMIS Finance
 This course is an overview of the iMIS Finance module, including finance setup, configuration and everyday management of order processing and payments  1 hour  None
Essentials of iMIS Events
 This course is an overview of the iMIS Events module, with a focus on understanding Event Registrations, how to create a simple event, pricing and registration options and event reporting.  1 hour  None
Essentials of iMIS Emails
This course is an overview of how to create an email notification and the various ways to send a communication from iMIS.   1 hour  None
Essentials of iMIS Billing
 This course is an overview of the iMIS Membership module, with a focus on understanding the membership and billing terminology, membership sign up and renewal processes and membership reports.  1 hour  None
Essentials of iMIS Commerce
 Learn how to use the Commerce module for online product sales and promotions. 1 hour  None
Essentials of iMIS Fundraising*
 This course is an introductory overview of working with Fundraising in iMIS. Learn the iMIS Fundraising terminology, working with gifts, gift entry and processing payments from gifts. *Only suitable for clients with Fundraising license.  1 hour  None
Essentials of iMIS Events Setup  This course is for event managers and system administrators who need to know the options for defining event information for a website. Learn how to add event details, pricing groups, registration options, additional program items and questions as part of event registrations.  1 hour Essentials of iMIS Events


Finance/Accounting/Billing End Users

Additional course recommendations for those working in Finance and Billing areas of an organization.

Course  Name   Description   Duration        Pre-Requisites
Mastering iMIS Finance
A deeper look at some of the key financial areas for finance administrators including payment processing, accounting adjustments and closing processes.
 1.5 hours Essentials of iMIS Finance
Essentials of iMIS Pay Central  Learn how iMIS Pay Central works with your finance as a gateway and portal for your payment processing. Setup your payment methods, process payments, manage payment adjustments, process refunds and more.  25 mins  None
Finance Add-ons for Managers
This course is relevant for those using either Deferred Income or are using Multiple Financial Entities in their iMIS system. This course is relevant for those involved in setup and configuration of their iMIS Finance system
 30 mins  None
Mastering iMIS Membership Setup
 This course is for membership managers and system administrators involved in defining and creating memberships in iMIS. Focusing on billing setup, configuration of member types and how to manage joins and renewals
 1 hour Essentials of iMIS Billing
iMIS Billing: Membership and Renewal Examples  Take a deeper dive into Billing and Renewal configuration in iMIS through these examples. Learn more about ways to apply special pricing options, generate renewals, accounting options and making adjustments to billing.  30 mins Essentials of iMIS Billing


System Administrators

In addition to the All End Users learning courses, it is recommended for system administrators to also take the following courses:

Course  Name   Description   Duration        Pre-Requisites
Essentials of iMIS Security  This course is an introduction to the various security features and applications in iMIS. Learn how various users access the iMIS staff site or websites, how to assign security roles and security groups, and how you can assign permissions across various objects.
 50 mins  None
Essentials of Business Object Designer
Business Objects are used throughout iMIS to model business concepts and rules. This course will cover the basics of understanding how business objects are used in iMIS for data management and using them as data sources in your IQA Queries.
 35 mins None
Essentials of iMIS Panel Designer
 Panels in iMIS allow administrators to add demographics and user defined data that you want to collect or maintain. In this course learn how to use panels to define and manage your contact and organizational data.  30 mins Essentials of iMIS Contacts
iMIS IQA: Best Practices
 Learn how to work with IQA queries to get the best possible performance and results. Learn how to improve your slow-performing queries and use suitable functions and settings to improve query performance.
 30 mins  Essentials of IQA
Mastering Business Object Designer  In this advanced technical course, see examples, setup and configuration of Business Objects to take your data analysis and data manipulation to the next level. This course teaches you how to replace SQL tools like Views and Functions using Expression Builder in Business Object Designer. Use these practical examples to help you get started on creating Custom Expressions with your data.  45 mins  Essentials of Business Object Designer