iMIS Courses

Find a full list of available iMIS Courses for your learning. Select the relevant iMIS Version you are requiring further knowledge on from the list below. 

Note: All of the courses listed are currently available as part of the iMIS Learning Subscription. If your organization has an active iMIS Learning Subscription you can access these courses at no cost.
If you do not have an active iMIS Learning Subscription, you can pay a one-off fee for each Instructor-Led course only. You must be signed in to the ASI Client Support Portal to access these courses as part of your Learning Subscription.

iMIS Cloud Enterprise Courses

Below is a full list of available iMIS Cloud Enterprise Courses (20-300). Click on the course links to see further details and either enroll into the Online course or register for an upcoming Instructor-Led course.

Note: All courses are included as part of the iMIS Learning Subscription. If you have an Active ILS you can access all Online Courses via the ASI Learning Hub. Ensure you are signed in to the ASI Client Support Portal to access these courses as part of your Subscription.


iMIS Orientation (Part 1 & 2): Online

Contacts / Data Management

Essentials of iMIS Contacts: Online
Essentials of iMIS Security: Online
Essentials of iMIS Panel Designer: Instructor-Led
Preparing Data for Conversion into iMIS: Online
Ask the iMIS Coach: Security 


Essentials of iMIS Billing: Online
iMIS Cloud Billing: Memberships and Dues: Instructor-Led
iMIS Cloud Billing: Accrual Dues: Instructor-Led


Essentials of iMIS Finance: Online
iMIS Cloud Finance: Payment Processing: Instructor-Led
iMIS Cloud Finance: Accounting Adjustments: Instructor-Led
iMIS Cloud Finance: Closing Processes: Instructor-Led
Finance Add-ons for Managers: Online
Ask the iMIS Coach: Accounting


Essentials of iMIS Events: Online
Essentials of iMIS Events Setup: Online
Mastering iMIS Cloud Events by Example: Instructor-Led
Ask the iMIS Coach: Events


Essentials of IQA: Online
Advanced IQA: Instructor-Led
Applying IQA with iMIS: Instructor-Led
Ask the iMIS Coach: IQA


Essentials of iMIS Commerce: Online

Marketing / Communications

Essentials of iMIS Email: Online
Essentials of iMIS Email Marketing: Instructor-Led
Mastering iMIS Email Personalization: Instructor-Led

Website Management

Essentials of iMIS RiSE Content Management: Online
Introduction to Designing iMIS RiSE Websites: Instructor-Led
iMIS RiSE Configuration and Administration: Instructor-Led
Introduction to iMIS Communities: Instructor-Led
Ask the iMIS Coach: RiSE


Essentials of iMIS Cloud Fundraising: Instructor-Led
iMIS Cloud Fundraising: Moves Management: Instructor-Led
iMIS Cloud Fundraising: Campaigns and Segmentation: Instructor-Led
Ask the iMIS Coach: iMIS Cloud Fundraising

Continuous Performance Improvement

Essentials of iMIS Dashboards: Online
Mastering iMIS Dashboards: Instructor-Led
Introduction to iMIS Process Automation: Instructor-Led
Applying iMIS Process Automation: Instructor-Led
Introduction to iMIS Engagement Scoring: Instructor-Led
Ask the iMIS Coach: Process Automation


Essentials of iMIS Report Writer: Online

Business Objects

Business Object Designer: Instructor-Led
Mastering BOD with iMIS Cloud Expression Builder: Instructor-Led


Introduction to iMIS Certification: Instructor-Led


Essentials of iMIS AutoPay Payment Processing: Instructor-Led
Mastering iMIS AutoPay Configuration with DataVault: Instructor-Led


Essentials of iMIS REST API: Instructor-Led
iMIS REST API: Contact Management: Instructor-Led
iMIS REST API: IQA Queries: Instructor-Led
iMIS REST API: Cart: Instructor-Led
iMIS REST API: Items & Products: Instructor-Led
iMIS REST API: Commerce: Instructor-Led
iMIS REST API: Communications: Instructor-Led
iMIS REST API: Groups: Instructor-Led
Ask the iMIS Coach: REST API

Certified iMIS Professional Virtual Bootcamp

Certified iMIS Professional Virtual Bootcamp: Instructor-Led

Delivery Methods Key

The iMIS Learning Subscription gives you access to all our training offerings in a blended learning environment, including:

  • Online learning - learn iMIS at your own pace, at your own convenience with our ASI Learning Hub.
  • Instructor-Led Courses - register for a course in your nearest region with a live trainer
  • Ask the Coach -  These courses are designed for you to be able to ask specific questions relevant to your learning needs with a live trainer / coach

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