iMIS Cloud Fundraising: Moves Management

New course for 2019!

Moves Management builds revenue sources in many organizations. It can be applied to a variety of one-on-one cultivated relationships such as Individual Major / Planned Gifts (aka Legacies), Foundation Proposals and Corporate Giving.
iMIS Moves Management

iMIS Cloud includes a Moves Management tool to help track major gift officer portfolios and to-do reminders to cultivate a donor and move them from a prospect / annual donor through to a large gift / pledge.

Some organizations seek to enhance the standard tool to track addition fields / properties and enhance with process automation.

This class will review the process and principles of Moves Management; what is it, and how does it work? We will walk through the standard solution to help you identify how it can work for your organization. It will also highlight ways that you can tailor the Moves Management area to match your organization’s unique reporting and tracking.

How you will benefit

You will be aware of fundraising tools throughout iMIS Cloud:

  • Review Moves Management Principles
  • Learn how Moves Management ‘Out of the Box’ may work for you
  • Learn how to copy and tailor Moves Management

Anyone responsible for one-on-one fundraising in your organization will benefit from this Moves Management class.

While this program is designed for users of iMIS Cloud 300—Enterprise , clients of iMIS Cloud 200—Professional may also benefit.

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