Introduction to iMIS Communities

This class will introduce you to using Communities within iMIS. In this online workshop, you will learn about the basic components of communities, how to integrate them into your RiSE based websites, and get some suggestions on how communities are used.

Using iMIS Communities effectively is key to driving up member and donor engagement for all types of associations and fundraising organizations. Through iMIS Communities, you can drive more users to your website and provide increased value with minimal set up and maintenance required. Engaged users become life-long members and donors. Why not provide your committees with an online collaborative workspace? Let conference attendees come together to ask logistical questions and chat with other attendees from their area? Allow members to chat with subject matter experts in their specialty fields? iMIS Communities provides you with many options for increasing engagement with your organization.

The class is designed for people who have some basic experience with creating content pages in RiSE, but there are no prerequisite courses. This instructor led online workshop combines lecture, hand-outs and labs, with time for lab completion and discussion.

How you will benefit?

By the end of the class, you will be able to:

  • Understand the different components of a community
  • Understand subscriptions to communities and components
  • Modify community security
  • Manage a community roster
  • Modify a community layout
  • Create a new community

Course Dates

Upcoming DatesTimeRegionRegister
31 Jan 201909:00:00 AESTAsia-Pacificemail us to register
01 Feb 201914:00:00 ESTNorth Americaregister
19 Mar 201911:00:00 AESTAsia-Pacificemail us to register
22 Mar 201910:00:00 ESTNorth Americaregister
03 May 201914:00:00 ESTNorth Americaregister
13 May 201915:00:00 AESTAsia-Pacificemail us to register
17 May 201910:00:00 GMTEuropeemail us to register
07 Jun 201910:00:00 ESTNorth Americaregister

Pricing Matrix

This course is a 1 session At Your Desk course.

  Early Reg.* Regular Reg.
Global 1 voucher ** 1 voucher **
US $260 $275
Canada $260 + tax $275 + tax
Asia-Pacific $260 + tax $275 + tax
Europe £155 + tax £175 + tax
*The early registration period ends 2 weeks before the start of class.
** Vouchers provide a greater discount than even early registration and can be used globally for any class by anyone in your organization.

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