Mastering iMIS Cloud Email Personalization

New course for 2020!

iMIS Cloud provides all the tools needed to manage your email communications with your contacts, whether individual or groups emails iMIS Cloud allows you to include any data from your system as personalization in your emails and automatically logs a history of all the emails you send.

This class will focus more closely on the use of additional data sources for including increased personalization in your emails. We’ll look at including personalized data for a contact, generic data such as upcoming event information and using foreach loops to include data sources with multiple rows.

This session is instructor led and is demonstration based only. We’ll discuss some of the core ways that your organization can leverage iMIS Cloud to build engagement with your constituents through email.

How you will benefit

You will be able to:

  • Attach multiple data sources to communication templates
  • Implement best practice for sender data
  • Use data sources for generic data
  • Use foreach loops to include data sources with multiple rows

This class is ideally suited for staff and leadership involved in sending emails.

While this program is designed for users of iMIS Cloud 300—(Enterprise) , clients of iMIS Cloud 200—Professional may also benefit.

Earn credit toward these iMIS Certifications

Course Dates

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02 Jun 202013:30:00 ESTNorth AmericaregisterEMLPER0620
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07 Jul 202014:30:00 AESTAsia-PacificregisterAPEMPR0720
31 Jul 202011:30:00 ESTNorth AmericaregisterEMLPER0720
07 Aug 202011:30:00 GMTEuroperegisterUKEMPR0820
14 Aug 202011:30:00 AESTAsia-PacificregisterAPEMPR0820
28 Aug 202013:30:00 ESTNorth AmericaregisterEMLPER0820

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*The early registration period ends 2 weeks before the start of the session.
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