Association Online Membership Sign up and Renewal Process

The Association Online Membership Module provides the ability to streamline your membership sign up and renewal processes. Create sign up and renewal forms, apply status settings based on payment methods and apply an approval process.

In this class, you’ll learn the best practices for a basic membership sign up and renewal. Review some of the membership settings that impact these processes, look at the process for a member perspective and mange the post sign-up and renewal actions as an administrator.

This session is instructor-led and demonstration style.

Following this session you will be able to:

  • Manage membership settings that impact the sign-up process
  • Review how members sign up online
  • Admins post sign-up process (approvals)
  • Email templates used for new members
  • Settings for online renewals
  • Review how members renew online
  • Renewing a member in the admin interface
  • Email templates used for renewals

This class is ideally suited for new users to Association Online, existing staff wanting a refresher or those wishing to learn more on our best practice recommendations.

Note: All attendees get a copy of the recorded training session post training for future reference.