Applying iMIS Process Automation

Applying iMIS Process Automation takes you on a journey into a new level of complexity in building tasks to contribute to the Continuous Performance Improvement of your organization or clients.

There are nearly an infinite number of things you could automate. However, it is important to make sure you are either building engagement or improving performance or both when choosing what you want to do.

You were introduced to Engagement Alerts in the Introduction to iMIS Process Automation. The reason we call them Engagement Alerts is because they can be used to develop communication with your site users and enhance strategies to improve the performance of your organization.

There is a higher level strategy we are advising for our clients called the Engagement Journey, following a possible pattern such as:

  • Contact visits site – invite them to setup an account
  • After they setup the account – build an alert to suggest they update their profile picture, or set their social sharing profile or a myriad of small steps to draw them closer to your organization and its goal
  • If they update their profile – point them to a community to join
  • If they join a community – invite them to join the organization
  • If they join – invite them to register for a national or regional event
  • And so on…

In this class, we will not be able to build the entire engagement journey because of time constraints, but we can start you on the process.

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