Advanced IQA

This on-line workshop covers advanced functions and complex queries as well as how to organize your folders and queries.

This workshop combines lecture, hand-outs and labs, with time for lab completion and discussion.

At the end of the class, attendees will have an understanding of:

  • Organizing and securing queries
  • Using advanced functions and filters
  • Performing complicated joins
  • Building a query on a query
  • Adding a query to the left index of a window

Course Dates

Upcoming DatesTimeRegionRegister
02 Apr 202014:30:00 ESTNorth AmericaregisterIQAADV0420
17 Apr 202010:00:00 ESTNorth AmericaregisterIQAADV420A
21 Apr 202013:00:00 AESTAsia-PacificregisterAPAIQA0420
05 May 202010:00:00 ESTNorth AmericaregisterIQAADV0520
06 May 202009:30:00 GMTEuroperegisterUKAIQA0520
22 May 202009:30:00 AESTAsia-PacificregisterAPAIQA0520
09 Jun 202014:30:00 ESTNorth AmericaregisterIQAADV0620

Pricing Matrix

This course is a 1 session At Your Desk course.

  Early Reg.* Regular Reg.
Global 1 voucher ** 1 voucher **
US $260 $275
Canada $260 + tax $275 + tax
Asia-Pacific $260 + tax $275 + tax
Europe £155 + tax £175 + tax
*The early registration period ends 2 weeks before the start of class.
** Vouchers provide a greater discount than even early registration and can be used globally for any class by anyone in your organization.

Printable Brochure

Advanced IQA brochure
(Adobe PDF File)