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ASI offers a range of certification programs designed to help you elevate your iMIS knowledge to the next level.

iMIS Certificates

Before starting your journey towards earning one of our more formal Certifications, you can start by earning one for our iMIS Certificates that will help expand your knowledge and experience with iMIS.  The iMIS Certificates are awarded to any individual who attends the required training listed for each certificate. These programs are different from the more formal Certification programs and are meant to acknowledge your attendance and understanding of these topics using current iMIS systems. No application is required to earn an iMIS Certificate and no maintenance program is required after earning your certificate. We will track your attendance in these training classes and send you a certificate once the training is complete.  We will also mark your completion in the appropriate Certification program below.

Our currently available iMIS Certificates for iMIS 2017:

iMIS Client Administrator certification path

Certified iMIS Administrator
Certified iMIS Administrator

Start here to validate your iMIS skills and your experience with iMIS.  The Certified iMIS Administrator program was developed as an objective means of distinguishing yourself as highly skilled and knowledgeable in the administration, configuration and management of iMIS.  You know and follow ASIs best practices and standards for working with iMIS.  You also help your organization achieve continuous performance improvement.

iMIS Consultant certification path

Certified iMIS ProfessionalCertified iMIS Professional

Start here to validate your iMIS consulting and implementation skills.  The Certified iMIS Professional program was developed as an objective means of distinguishing yourself as highly skilled and knowledgeable in the installation, implementation, configuration, management and administration of iMIS. You know and follow ASIs best practices and standards for working with iMIS and for engaging with clients using iMIS. 

Certified iMIS Solutions Expert
Certified iMIS Solutions Expert

The Certified iMIS Solutions Expert (CiSE) program was developed as an advanced certification for current Certified iMIS Professionals who are seeking to distinguish themselves as highly skilled and knowledgeable in enabling clients to achieve continuous performance improvement. This certification demonstrates that the CISE implements iMIS to achieve continuous performance improvement following ASI Success Partnership Program (SPP) standards, provides on-going consulting work to ASI best practices, and remains current with changes to both the iMIS product line and processes over time. This goes beyond the day-to-day professional work of a Certified iMIS Professional and is for highly-skilled thought leaders within the framework of the Success Partnership Program.

iMIS Extension Developer certification path

Certified iMIS Extension DeveloperCertified iMIS Extension Developer

Start here to validate your iMIS extension skills.  This in-depth three-day class covers the key fundamentals for developers looking to extend iMIS. The class goes through all the elements needed to create upgradable and scalable extensions to iMIS. The goal of CIED is to prepare you to work within our product teams. This class does not cover each feature of the SDK. The class is designed for experienced iMIS users and .NET developers seeking to understand the proper methods to extend iMIS. We will dig deep into best practices for development, testing and tuning your iMIS extensions.

iMIS Sales Engineer certification path

Certified iMIS Sales Engineer

Start here to build on your natural sales talent and learn how to present a standard iMIS Overview demonstration for Associations. An iMIS Sales Engineer entering the program must have (or develop) strong product knowledge and strong knowledge of the marketplace but may lack the experience in presenting iMIS at a high level to further sales. This is a pre-requisite for more specialized vertical market training such as fundraising, regulatory body and union demonstrations.