Certified iMIS Sales Engineer (CiSE)

The goal of this certification program is to help prepare individuals with natural sales talent in how to present a standard iMIS Overview demonstration for Associations. An iMIS Sales Engineer entering the program must have (or develop) strong product knowledge and strong knowledge of the marketplace but may lack the experience in presenting iMIS at a high level to further sales. This is a pre-requisite for more specialized vertical market training such as fundraising, regulatory body and union demonstrations.

Who should apply?

Experienced iMIS Consultants or Sales specialists who are looking to enhance their demonstration and presentation skills. They will learn how to demonstrate iMIS in the ASI Way.

Why should I get certified?

You benefit. Certification as a CiSE is a distinction that proves your understanding of the core functionality of iMIS as well as the current practices for demonstrating an iMIS system. Getting certified will not only increase your skills, but also demonstrate your expertise to your organization and peers. You are at the front line of new product enhancements.

Your company benefits. Through the certification process, you will be able to demonstrate to your organization that you are skilled demonstrating iMIS during the sales process to help them achieve their sales goals.

What resources does ASI provide to you in the program?

The following resources are in place to assist a new demonstration resource learn the process:

  • Access to an experienced iMIS Sales Engineer Coach who will guide and mentor you through the program
  • Overview demonstration script – one for organizations that serve members and donors and another for pure associations
  • ASI-designed PowerPoints to support key sales messages
  • Recorded videos of demonstration for reference
  • The starter database on latest release of iMIS
  • Access to the Certified iMIS Sales Engineer Community

The standard ASI demonstration content will provide you with all of the content you need.

What are the stages of the Certified iMIS Sales Engineer Certification?

  1. Pre-Requisite Training
  2. iMIS Demonstration Training
  3. Mentoring and Mock Demonstration
  4. Recorded Demonstration video
  5. Probationary Acceptance and on-going support from your iMIS Coach
  6. Full acceptance into the Certified iMIS Sales Engineer community and on-going refresher updates on ASI product enhancements

Getting Started

Email ASI Training at [email protected] to find out more or to have them enroll you into the program.


  • iMIS Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • PowerPoint Skills

Let us evaluate your baseline skills and recommend a training program to ensure your success with iMIS. Demonstrations require skills that you may not use daily.


  1. Trainee & Coach: Review the resources and demonstration flow and goals for a demonstration
    • High level benefit statements
    • Continuous Performance Improvement
    • Learn how to say what iMIS can do; don’t show how to do it
  2. Coach: Presents an overview demonstration
  3. Trainee: Requests a new demonstration instance; downloads materials
  4. Trainee: Rehearses and presents the script / flow verbatim – 2-3 times
  5. Trainee: Presents an unaided overview demo without script
  6. Trainee & Coach: Review demo pitfalls and how to get out of them
  7. Trainee & Coach: Review ‘how to work with your Account Rep / PIL’


We will present a scenario where the trainee has some small changes that will enhance an overview demo and is given two hours to prepare for a demonstration. The new presenter will deliver the demonstration to the trainer for feedback and evaluation.


After training is complete, you will conduct your first solo demonstration by uploading your overview demo video to the ASI Learning Hub.


Once initial training is complete – we provide demo preparedness planning / rehearsal time between the Coach / Trainee. Each new demonstration given will include a pre-readiness review and mentoring to:

  • Review the Agenda and Presentation PPT
  • Walk through the demonstration flow – focus on key messages / benefits to the client
  • Review Demo instance that will be used for content that will speak to the client


Once Certified, you will be automatically added to the Maintenance program to continue updating your iMIS demonstration skills and iMIS knowledge over the next 12 months. Certification is valid for 12 months. 

Certified iMIS Sales Engineer

Target Audience:

This certification is designed for:

  • Experienced iMIS Consultants
  • Experienced Sales Engineers


Certification objectives:

This certification is designed to prepare individuals on to present a standard iMIS Overview sales demonstration and keep your knowledge current.
To be completed within 3 months of enrollment

Stages of Certification:

  1. Pre-Training/Skills Eval
  2. iMIS Demo Training
  3. Mentoring and Mock Demonstration
  4. Live Demonstration
  5. Acceptance into the Certified iMIS Sales Engineer community


For more information:



For recertification enquiries:

[email protected]



Course Requirements

 See below the list of Mandatory and Elective courses for the CiSE Program

Note: Any courses taken either through the ASI Learning Hub or as Instructor-Led courses over the past 12 months will be recognized as Complete in the Learning Hub and against the Certification program - you do not need to retake the course!

Mandatory courses              

Complete all of the courses below

  CiSE Program Content
  iMIS Orientation
  Essentials of iMIS Billing
  Essentials of iMIS Contacts
  Essentials of iMIS Security
  Essentials of IQA
  Essentials of iMIS Emails
  Essentials of iMIS Events
  Essentials of iMIS RiSE Content Management
  Essentials of iMIS Finance
  Essentials of iMIS Commerce
  Essentials of iMIS Fundraising
  Essentials of iMIS Dashboards
  Essentials of iMIS Forms
  Essentials of iMIS Report Writer
  CiSE Mentoring Session

Elective Courses

Complete a minimum of two elective courses
  Essentials of iMIS Panel Designer
  Essentials of iMIS RiSE Web Design
  Mastering iMIS Finance
  Finance Add-ons for Managers
  Essentials of iMIS Process Automation
  Essentials of iMIS Email Marketing
  Essentials of iMIS Communities
  Essentials of iMIS Engagement Scoring
  Mastering iMIS Report Writer
  iMIS Updates: iMIS EMS Enterprise 20.3.90