Reporting with iMIS 2017 Certificate

The iMIS Certificates are awarded to any individual who attends the required training listed for each certificate.  These programs are different from the more formal Certification programs and are meant to acknowledge your attendance and understanding of these topics using current iMIS systems.

Who should apply?

No application is required to earn an iMIS Certificate.  We will track your attendance in these training classes and send you a certificate once the training is complete.

What training classes are required to earn this certificate?

In order to earn the Reporting with iMIS 2017 Certificate, you will need to have attended the following training classes anytime since 1 June 2016 through the present:

For how long is the certificate valid?

Once earned this certificate remains valid and does not expire. However new certificates may become available that will supplant older ones as iMIS moves forward.  To earn a new certificate, you will need to attend training based on those current requirements.

Who to contact if you have completed the requirements but not received your certificate?

Typically we evaluate the current set of students eligible for receipt of this certificate on a monthly basis to provide time for attendance on previous training to be fully marked as completed.  If you feel you have met the qualifications for this certificate but have not yet received your certificate, please feel free to contact us at [email protected], and we would be happy to assist you.

Check your progress towards this certificate

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