What is the ASI Learning Hub?

The new Learning Hub by ASI Training is designed to provide a learning portal and access to training courses and learning on-demand. 

ASI Clients with an active iMIS Learning Subscription can access the Learning Hub at any time, from anywhere and complete learning courses relevant to their needs. Login to the ASI Client Support Portal to go to the Learning Hub and get started with your iMIS Learning! Watch the short tutorial about the new Learning Hub below.


  • Access iMIS Courses at any time in your own convenience
  • Browse a catalog of courses for your version of iMIS
  • Learning Portal for each user displaying currently enrolled courses and completed courses
  • Each course includes a video of the course content and a short quiz to consolidate your learning
  • Completing a course in the Learning Hub can provide the user with professional development units (PDU) to go towards certifications or badges
  • Users may be assigned to a learning pathway and automatically enrolled in courses they are required to complete
  • Managers can view their staff's learning progress and completion through a Team Dashboard
  • Completing a course in the Learning Hub will add the course to your ASI Training Transcript

ASI Celebrate 1 Year Anniversary of ASI Learning Hub

The ASI Learning Hub was launched on September 2020. Watch the video below for updates on client achievements so far, what's included in the Learning Hub and how you can access it today.

ASI Learning Hub Demo

Watch the short demo of the Learning Hub to find out more!

Manage your Team's Learning!

The ASI Learning Hub now has the capability of assigning a leader in any organization the 'Manager' role.
Do you want to manage and monitor your team members learning in the ASI Learning Hub?

Watch this short video for details on how the Manager role works.

Contact ASI Training - [email protected] to find out more or become the manager for your organization.

The ASI Learning Hub is powered by Top Class from WBT Systems.