ASI Learning Hub

What is the ASI Learning Hub? The new Learning Hub for ASI Training is designed to provide a learning portal and access to training courses and learning on-demand. 

ASI Clients with a current and active iMIS Learning Subscription can access the Learning Hub at any time, from anywhere and complete learning courses relevant to their needs.*


  • Access iMIS Courses at any time in your own convenience
  • Browse a catalog of courses for your version of iMIS
  • Learning Portal for each user displaying currently enrolled courses and completed courses
  • Each course includes a video of the course content and a short quiz to consolidate your learning
  • Completing a course in the Learning Hub can provide the user with professional development units (PDU) to go towards certifications or badges
  • Users may be assigned to a learning pathway and automatically enrolled in courses they are required to complete
  • Managers can view their staff's learning progress and completion through a Team Dashboard
  • Completing a course in the Learning Hub will add the course to your ASI Training Transcript

*Note: if your iMIS Learning Subscription has expired, you will no longer have access to the ASI Learning Hub. Contact your Client Performance Improvement Leader or ASI training - for further information or support.

New Courses in the ASI Learning Hub

Quarter 1, 2021:

iMIS Cloud Enterprise (20-300)

iMIS RiSE: Image Optimization

iMIS Cloud Professional (20-100/200)

iMIS RiSE: Image Optimization*

iMIS 2017 (20.2)
iMIS RiSE: Image Optimization *

ASI Learning Hub Demo

Watch the short demo of the Learning Hub to find out more!

The ASI Learning Hub is powered by Top Class from WBT Systems.