Your ASI Training Transcript

Below you will find the transcript of all your training activities that we have recorded for you within our iMIS database.  These include classes, seminars, webinars and conferences you have attended with ASI in the past.  This transcript is provided in order to help you complete your certification application(s) but it is up to you to note any changes or additions within your application.  Remember activities outside of ASI, such as NiUG events, can still count towards your certification but wont be listed in our database.

Be aware that there might be a short delay before recently attended classes appear in your transcript.  Typically this can take up to 1 month for new activities to be recorded in your transcript.

Now is a great time to brush up on your iMIS skills and the best way to do that is through the purchase of an ASI Training Voucher Pack .  This gives the lowest cost way to get needed training and gives you full flexibility on how to use them for classes.

Your Upcoming ASI Training Classes

Your ASI Training Transcript Details