Preparing Your Data for Conversion into iMIS

The iMIS Workbook Converter allows you to easily import contacts, historical activity, and user-defined data from Excel spreadsheets and comma separated data into iMIS Cloud Enterprise and Professional.

By using the iMIS Workbook Converter (WBC) to bring your data into iMIS during the implementation, you have the opportunity to clean up your data and to use a product-based module to handle conversion. The iMIS Workbook Converter validates the records you import based on the iMIS Data Validation Framework. This insures conversion of clean, consistent, and functional data.

This course will provide you with an introduction to the process of using the iMIS Workbook Converter and some of the nuances surrounding it.  You will learn how to import common fields by creating custom panels.

The workbook converter is being updated regularly to include more robust error handling and the ability to convert more data types.

How you will benefit

You will be able to:

  • Plan your data conversion around the tasks and best practices needed to complete a successful conversion

  • Populate your excel sheets with your legacy data in a way that will be accepted by the workbook converter tool

  • Verify your data after conversion

  • Update the correct iMIS fields from the user defined panels

This session will focus on using the input spreadsheet from iMIS Cloud Enterprise. Clients of iMIS Cloud Professional will also benefit as best practices and the process are the same.

For more information, please feel free to review our detailed class page (including a downloadable brochure), or to learn more about our AYD classes in general, please check out our FAQ sheet.

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10/7/2020 12:30 PM
Online At Your Desk Training Advanced Solutions International, Inc. 901 N. Pitt St., Suite 200 Alexandria, VA 22314 UNITED STATES

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