Essentials of AutoPay Payment Processing

Learn key features, how to manage payment processing in iMIS, and what automation options exist for payment processing.

Autopay processing offers members and donors the choice of easy, automated payments. It maximizes member and donor retention with automated renewals while enabling staff to discontinue automatic payments for members or donors at any time. Settings in the Staff site to set automatic payment options as off, opt-in, opt-out, always on or required. Staff can differentiate between automatic and non-automatic renewals so your members are billed accurately. Staff manually can add members to the automatic membership renewal program. Staff can preview membership fees or donations to be collected, and submit for collection all while storing credit card details in a PCI-compliant manner at lower cost.

This instructor led online workshop will provide you with the foundation to process payments. This is a lecture based class with time for discussion and questions. This class is where to start learning about iMIS AutoPay with DataVault payment processing.

How you will benefit

Using iMIS AutoPay to process automatic payments offers a variety of benefits for your organization:

  • Increased revenue
  • Higher renewal rates
  • Less manual processing

For more information, please feel free to review our detailed class page (including a downloadable brochure), or to learn more about our AYD classes in general, please check out our FAQ sheet.

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11/30/2020 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Melbourne, VIC 3000 AUSTRALIA
Online registration not available.

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