Donors are at the heart of ProgressCRM. You can see a 360⁰ view of their relationships and interactions with you and others; such as communications and giving history, payment plans, who they know, their interests, purchases, events they attended and more.


  • Name and address management - multiple names per address and vice versa; record type; phone numbers; email and web address; block contact; links to optional AFD Postcode software; area defaults according to postcodes
  • Change Address function retains prior addresses for searching
  • Full Search - by a large range of fields including name and general contact information, previous addresses, Contact History, Groups, Finance, Events, Relationships, Bank Accounts, Credit Cards and Info 1 tabs
  • Quick Search - by record number, membership number, organisation name, postcode and user definable fields
  • Electronic Post-it Note for urgent and important contact information
  • Task lists for assigned tasks and task management
  • ‘Send letter' function to call up a template and personalise to this contact
  • Record Ownership - confidentiality feature for celebrity and VIP contacts


  • Postcode/Postcode Plus: Includes rapid, accurate UK address entry such as geo-demographic info, UK postcode entry plus searching, and more
  • Mail Saver: Receive maximum postal discounts for bulk UK mailings
  • Membership: Enjoy flexible subscription and membership management
  • Refiner: Use this ‘Quality First’ high-yield batch and interactive Address List Cleaning tool to transform address data
  • Outlook Integration: Extend Microsoft Outlook to allow full integration with Contact History records and the contacts database