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iMIS Training
iMIS Training

Whether you are just getting started with iMIS, adding new staff/volunteers, modifying staff roles and responsibilities, in need of refreshers, or adding new modules and functionality, our training will help you get the most out of your iMIS investment now and in the future. We offer online training, training at all of our worldwide offices, and we can even bring training right to your office.

iMIS Learning Subscription

Now you can get our award-winning iMIS training in a budget-friendly subscription package.

Your entire staff will become iMIS experts in no time! For a full year, you and your staff can take as many online iMIS training classes as you need for one flat, affordable rate. You’ll be able to take advantage of more than 1,000 hours of live, instructor-led classes, a wide range of training topics for beginners to experts, and get access to online training material.



New Offerings...

iMIS Orientation Series

New to iMIS? These one hour online sessions will give you the introduction that you need to understand the basic purpose of core iMIS modules and help orient you to the Staff and Member websites. Whether you are a new iMIS client just starting on your implementation or a new staff member at an iMIS client, this iMIS Orientation Series will jump start your training plan. This series provides Introductory and Advanced classes suitable for all audiences, as well as two specialty classes for System Administrators and Project Managers.

Ask the iMIS Coach

During these one hour online sessions, one of our experienced iMIS Coaches will be available to help answer any questions you might have about the specific session topic. These topics range across the iMIS platform and are geared to specific areas to allow you to find the sessions that best suit your needs.


Need a deep dive into specific iMIS REST API contracts? These one-hour online sessions will give you the details on the specific contracts you need for building integrations with iMIS. These courses are designed for developer who needs to take iMIS REST to the next level. While you can take the entire series, the series is designed for developers to take the specific functional areas they’re integrating with. Whether you are an experienced REST developer or just starting to create integrations or an experienced iMIS extension developer, these iMIS REST API sessions will jump start your integration journey.


Looking for a flexible, cost-effective solution for iMIS training? Our training vouchers offer just that for your entire staff.


Distinguish yourself as a highly skilled and knowledgeable iMIS professional and stay current on the most recent iMIS best practices.