Client Success with iMIS Membership and Fundraising Software

Sigma Chi Foundation

Sigma Chi Foundation Success with iMIS Fundraising Software

Based in Evanston, Illinois, the Sigma Chi Foundation is a charitable and educational tax-exempt organization, separate and independent from the Fraternity, whose express purpose is to serve as an educational funding resource for the undergraduate and graduate student members of the Sigma Chi Fraternity.

In the fundraising industry timing is everything. Whether sending our Christmas appeals or acknowledging our donors for their contributions, delivery time has a direct correlation to our success. With iMIS, our donations are entered, and personalized acknowledgements are processed, within 24 hours of receipt.


The Foundation's existing customer relationship management system was rigid and prevented staff from effectively keeping track of their growing donor base. The system required a programmer to complete even simple tasks, such as adding new data elements to create customized reports or updating business documents. With more than 250,000 constituents from around the world, tracking and communicating quickly and efficiently — without sacrificing quality in processing donations — was critical. To meet donors' demands and efficiently manage its donations and database, the Foundation needed an extremely flexible, web-based fundraising management system.


The Foundation began using iMIS to manage all aspects of its donor management operations, from contact management and event registration to donation processing. With the greater control and flexibility provided by the system, the organization was able to better connect with its current and prospective members. Members themselves were empowered to easily log on to the website to update and change their profile and contact information, search for other members, and register for Sigma Chi meetings and events.


The Sigma Chi Foundation now has an end-to-end business and e-business solution that allows them to streamline customer relationship and fundraising management and frees up staff to implement new fundraising ideas to increase annual giving. Convenient, web-based access to the system is invaluable to the Foundation's gift officers, who can easily log into the system while on travel to get real-time information on donors. The organization can quickly process donations and send thank-yous more efficiently.