Client Success with iMIS Membership and Fundraising Software

Defense Research Institute

Defense Research Institute Success with iMIS Membership Software

The Defense Research Institute (DRI) is the international organization of attorneys defending the interests of business and individuals in civil litigation. With more than 23,000 members, DRI provides numerous educational and informational resources and offers many opportunities for liaison among defense trial lawyers, corporate America, and state and local defense organizations.

When DRI first implemented iMIS, it helped to make daily tasks easier for our staff and now we use the software to manage everything from our member data to our website. We're looking forward to doing more great things with iMIS in the future, including launching another mobile application that will enhance our members’ experience with DRI.


DRI was facing a challenge to meet members’ demands for online capabilities and needed to update its website to provide access to online forums, document libraries and blogs. Its existing site was extremely difficult for staff to assist members using the site and they were spending hours on the phone trying to answer member questions. DRI needed a solution that could manage its website and provide members with online self-service and e-commerce options.


DRI selected iMIS for its speed and ease-of-use and now uses the system to manage its entire online presence. With iMIS, members can update their own profiles, register for events, make purchases, and access educational resources, such as blogs and a database of lawyers. DRI was able to use iMIS to create a mobile application for members to use at the annual conference via their iPhones and Blackberries. The application allowed attendees to view the conference schedule, floor layout, session information, and speaker material. Members could also see who was attending, message other attendees and create their own conference schedule.


Since the implementation of iMIS, DRI has improved and streamlined its processes, allowing staff to spend more time servicing members’ needs. The software is also enabling DRI to collect more data, which they are using to tailor content based on member interests. Since the organization has started using iMIS to manage its website, staff receives fewer phone calls from members asking questions and they are able to address those issues in a matter of minutes or seconds versus hours. And, the mobile application for DRI’s annual conference was extremely successful -- more than half the attendees used it.