Client Success with iMIS Membership and Fundraising Software

Asphalt Green

Asphalt Green Success with iMIS Fundraising Software

Asphalt Green is dedicated to assisting individuals of all ages and backgrounds achieve health through a lifetime of sports and fitness.

The beauty about iMIS is that you can just do a search and see that 'John Doe' spends $10,000 in our facilities a year -- he can be a potential donor.


The organization knew they had people who were both members and donors but didn’t know exactly who they were. They needed one system to integrate all of their information so they could gain a better understanding their constituents needs, interests, and habits. They also wanted to improve the web experience for their members and donors.


iMIS helped Asphalt Green see all of their member/donor information in one place so they could maximize the impact of their fundraising initiatives. They liked how iMIS provided a front-end website that can serve multiple departments. The organization uses iMIS to promote membership, create and market classes, process product orders, create reports, and keep track of their trainers.


With the self-service options on their website, Asphalt Green’s support lines went from 20 calls in 30 minutes to just two calls in three hours. Their reporting is no longer restricted and they can now tailor information to the specific needs and interests of their members/donors.