Client Success with iMIS Membership and Fundraising Software

ARC Greater Twin Cities

ARC Greater Twin Cities Success with iMIS Fundraising Software

As a United Way agency, the Arc promotes and protects the human rights of children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Minnesota's Twin Cities’ metropolitan area. The organization actively supports these individuals and their families to ensure they have the opportunity to choose how they live, learn, work and play.

We keep track of who we have served and how we have served them in iMIS. At the end of the year, we are able to easily present the United Way with a report detailing how many people were served, where those people were located and other demographic information about them. This was not an easy chore with the database solution we used prior to iMIS.


Arc Greater Twin Cities receives nearly one-third of its revenues from the United Way, which requires them to provide a detailed three-year plan. At the end of each year, it was difficult for the organization to report on its progress -- who it had served, the demographics of those individuals, and how the organization had served them. They needed a system that would allow them to manage donor data, track volunteers, maintain customer service, access business intelligence; and provide comprehensive reporting.


Arc Greater Twin Cities implemented iMIS across their entire enterprise. They used the system to manage their three Value Village Thrift stores, the volunteers who staff them, and the clothing donations the stores receive. iMIS also helped the organization automate their operations, create detailed reporting, improve communication with donors, and generate thank you letters and pledge reminders through their capital campaign.


iMIS helps Arc Greater Twin Cities manage 45,000 volunteer hours each year. By improving their ability to access and maintain business intelligence, Arc Greater Twin Cities is improving customer service and reaching more donors than ever. Staff is now freed up from busy work to focus on fulfilling their mission. iMIS is also increasing the efficiency of the organization’s thrift stores that generate more than half of their annual revenue.