Client Success with iMIS Membership and Fundraising Software

AGN International - North America

AGN International - North America Success with iMIS Membership Software

AGN International -- North America is a worldwide association of separate and independent accounting and consulting firms serving business organizations throughout the world. Member firms advise companies on the diverse financial and tax rules governing all forms of commercial activities.

iMIS was the best solution out there for our organization. Our new online community has become the focal point of our members' experiences and plays a central role in their continued professional development.


The organization previously used an expensive yet limited tool to communicate with and supply information to its members. The association also found its email listserve to be difficult to manage and prone to delivery problems. The association needed a one-stop shop for member content, as well as an easy way to reach out to them using a mass email system.


With iMIS, they were able to automatically upload, create, organize and archive all of their member-only content. AGN provided members with easy access to the files and allowed them to comment on and share the information.


After launching their new website, the association saw more than 50,000 member-to-member emails delivered each month. AGN is also saving significant staff time by eliminating the need to rekey information, freeing up IT resources by managing just one system, and accessing comprehensive profiles of members and their activities.