Optional Modules

Donman comes out of the box with everything that most fundraisers need to get going: donations, membership, pledges, alumni details for schools and universities, and more. A number of optional modules are available for those organisations that require additional functionality to manage their fundraising programs.

Australia Post Barcoding/NZ Postcodes

DataTools RAT and QAS allow you to validate donor addresses as they are being entered. Bulk mail discounting is also available when barcoding is applied to appeal mail outs. All merge and export programs allow you to export Australia Post Delivery Point Address Identifiers (DPID) and barcode the data.


Departmental Banking

This optional module allows several work groups to enter donations separately and keep all reports and daily banking separate for each group.

Multi Company Structure

For those wishing to act as a bureau for other charities this optional module allows you to have multiple databases attached to one set of programs.

Online Web Donation

Online Web Donations

This module allows you to accept donations made over the web and import them as part of your standard donation processing with Donman. The donation page includes:

  • Secure hosted donations page
  • Similar look and feel of your main site
  • Dynamic Campaign facility (you control online options)
  • Recurring pledge options
  • Handles returning donors and donor acquisition
  • ASI may customise elements to meet your requirements

As an administrator you can then download the latest batch of donations for import into Donman. These are processed similar to normal staff entered donations while allowing you to alter various defaults for processing new donors or mismatched records.


On the Road Bequest Officer System

The On-The-Road system provides a special license to allow employees to take a copy of the system and have access to donor information on their laptop while traveling to donor visits. They are able to view details and have access to additional notepads to type in visit and follow-up notes. These additional notes may be regularly exported and sent to the head office for import into the central Donman system.

Peer to Peer Fundraising Import

If you use the popular peer to peer fundraising platforms such as Everyday Hero, GoFundraise, or MyCause we can provide the import programs that will give you the choice of importing the donors who make the donations, and if desired, the fundraisers they gave to. In this case a relationship record is automatically created between the donor and the fundraiser and all donations are soft credited to the fundraiser. Where only a long term campaign named is provided these programs will prompt you for the equivalent Donman campaign code and remember your choice for next time.

The fees associated with this system can be attributed to a fees campaign or to campaign cost codes. The program stores the Entrant and the Fundraiser ID's in the donor system and has multiple de-duping systems to minimise any duplicate records added. Both Everyday Hero, GoFundraise, and My Cause have a specially written Donman export.

Product System

Product System

The Advanced Product System adds capability to create multiple products for specific campaigns and process catalogue sales where a person can purchase multiple items within the one campaign. You may create boxes/kits of products for easy allocation. Products may also be allocated to donors for sale at a later date. Full stock control is included providing easy reporting of product count sold, profit made and stock remaining. Thank you letters can include details of products purchased with the sale price and total for each item and optional packing slip.



The Prospect module gives you a cut down version of the main donor file where you can store contact details for any number of people or organisations that you don't want to place into your donor file. Run selections, print labels and write to these people and if they donate their record can be moved into the donor file as you process the first donation.

Raffle/Art Union

The fully integrated Raffle module allows you to allocate tickets, trace tickets, facilitate telemarketing call backs and undertake electronic draws. You can run unlimited raffles at the one time and allocate tickets by number or system generated. A wide range of reports are provided including a full audit report for any raffle.


If you do Child Sponsorship or other sponsorships then Donman can record all the information about those sponsored and those who sponsor. A sponsor can sponsor multiple “children’ with one periodic pledge and records are kept of all payments to individuals. You can report on children without sponsors and sponsors without children as well.



Allows tracking and management of relevant details about volunteers and to search and select by almost anything to identify the right people for the requirement.


Electronic Gateway

Add gateway integration to process credit card donations in real-time as donations are being entered into Donman.