iMIS for Clubs: Support, Learning and Reports

This online session is designed to help Club Administrators understand their options when it comes to accessing support, accessing iMIS training and learning pathways and another look at the available reports.

How you will benefit

Following this course you will understand more of the following key areas:

  • Support options with IBC and ASI
  • iMIS for Clubs Learning Pathways
  • Accessing and Working with the ASI Learning Hub
  • Available reports in the iMIS staff site

This course is designed for Club Administrators.

Watch the recorded video online at your own pace.

iMIS Version:

iMIS EMS Professional (20-100/200) 

Delivery Method:

Online - ASI Learning Hub 


30 mins



Course Code:


Delivery Methods Key

The iMIS Learning Subscription gives you access to all our training offerings in a blended learning environment, including:

  • Online learning - learn iMIS at your own pace, at your own convenience with our ASI Learning Hub.
  • iMIS Coaching - These courses are designed to extend your iMIS learning and knowledge by working directly with an iMIS instructor to address your specific iMIS learning needs. Register for an upcoming coaching course today.