iMIS Forms: Overview


Watch this short demonstration of iMIS Forms to find out more about how the latest Form feature can help you create and publish forms to your website.

How you will benefit

Following this demonstration, you will have further knowledge of:

  • Benefits of iMIS Forms
  • Standard vs Plus License
  • Using Existing Forms
  • Drag and Drop Mode vs Advanced Mode
  • Creating new forms
  • Form Groups
  • Adding data sources and fields to forms
  • Using Form layouts
  • Publishing a form to web pages using RiSE
  • Applying Form Rules
  • Using Multi-Layouts
Watch this recording and contact your ASI Client Performance Improvement Leader or Authorized iMIS Solution Provider for information on how to get your iMIS Forms Plus License.

Delivery Method:

Online - ASI Learning Hub 


10 mins



Course Code:


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