Donman to iMIS: Donor Account Pages

The Donman to iMIS: Account Pages course is an introduction course providing staff users the tools needed to manage donor records in the iMIS database.

How you will benefit

Following this course, you will be aware of:

  • Find, add and edit contact records
  • Individual vs Organisation records
  • Account page tabs and panels
  • Where Donman history and data sits on the account pages
  • Add tasks for follow up
  • Donation and Giving history
  • Adding donor notes
  • Transaction information
  • Volunteer information
Watch the recording and answer the short quiz to complete this course.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for new iMIS users coming from Donman system.

iMIS Version

  • iMIS EMS Enterprise (20-300)

Delivery Method


  • 25 mins


Course Code


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