Essentials of iMIS AutoPay - Fundraising

AutoPay provides organizations the ability to support automatic recurring donations. AutoPay uses a tokenization engine (Pay Central Service / DataVault) to process credit card and bank account information for recurring payments while maintaining PCI compliance.

In the Essentials of iMIS AutoPay - Fundraising course, learn how AutoPay can help with donor retention while enabling staff users to discontinue automatic payments for donors at any time.

How you will benefit

You will learn all key aspects of recurring donations in iMIS:

  • Benefits and Features of AutoPay
  • Setup and Configuration of AutoPay for Fundraising
  • Entering recurring donations from Staff and Donors
  • Modifying AutoPay enrollments
  • Processing and retrieving payments
  • Managing failed payments
  • Dashboards and reporting tools

Who should attend? 

This course is suited to Fundraising Managers, Finance Officers and System administrators

Additional License

AutoPay is a module requiring an Additional License key. Please contact ASI Technical Support or your Authorized iMIS Solution Provider for information.

iMIS Version

  • iMIS Cloud Enterprise (20-300)
  • iMIS Cloud Professional (20-100/200)*

Delivery Method


  • 40 mins


  •  Essentials of iMIS Finance is recommended

Course Code


*Whilst this course may be relevant for iMIS Cloud Professional users, it is delivered in iMIS Cloud Enterprise, so please note there may be some slight user interface and IQA differences between versions of iMIS.

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