iMIS Cloud Fundraising: Campaigns and Segmentation

Marketing Programs share engagement opportunities and generate revenue for most organizations. iMIS Cloud includes tools that support advanced tracking of the effectiveness of your organization’s marketing efforts.

CampaignsCampaign Management provides the ability to build source codes used to track conversions. It provides marketers with answers about who donated in response to what appeal, who registered because of an email sent on X day or who purchased a product that has been featured.

Segmentation offers access to build complex targeted lists that may require some exclusions and some inclusions but ensure that the right person receives the right marketing effort based upon criteria desired by the marketer.

This class will review both tools—individually and how they work together. We’ll discuss different marketing principles and how they apply within iMIS. We’ll also discuss deployment of different type of marketing efforts via email, print mail, social posts and within iMIS tools such as Process Automation, RiSE Content / Navigation, Email Marketing and more. Finally, we’ll review built in reporting tools.

How you will benefit

You will be aware of fundraising tools throughout iMIS Cloud:

  • Review Marketing Principles
  • Learn whether Campaign Management / Segmentation are right for your organization
  • Understand iMIS Business Objects that assist with Marketing; especially for fundraising and events

Note: This program is designed for iMIS Cloud Enterprise (300) clients only. The features in iMIS Cloud Professional (100/200) are not the same.

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