Essentials of iMIS Engagement Scoring

iMIS Scoring formulas allow you to easily determine who is engaging with your organization, how they are engaging, and at what level. Scoring formulas are often calculated to statistically display engagement trends among members of your organization. Displaying these trends can benefit your organization and help drive member or donor retention.

This course will help you understand how to work with Scoring in iMIS. 

How you will benefit
Following this course you will have an understanding of:
  • Working with scoring in iMIS
  • Using provided iMIS scoring formulas
  • Scoring components
  • IQA queries and scoring
  • Scoring categories
  • Creating a new scoring formula with scoring plus
  • Apply scoring calculations
  • Testing scoring formulas in IQA's
  • Creating a scoring Dashboard

This course is designed for system administrators, data managers or those working with reporting tools in iMIS.

iMIS Version

  • iMIS Cloud Enterprise (20-300)
  • iMIS Cloud Professional (20-100/200)*
  • iMIS 2017 (20.2) *

Delivery Method


  • 30 minutes


Course Code


*Whilst this course may be relevant for iMIS 2017 and iMIS Cloud Professional users, it is delivered in iMIS Cloud Enterprise, so please note there may be some slight user interface and IQA differences between versions of iMIS.

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