Advanced iMIS Dashboards

iMIS Dashboards are a highly visible way for managing your organization’s continuous performance improvement programs. Dashboards assist your organization in providing quick and easy access to information with regards to key metrics. Providing dashboards on your sites keep your staff and members well-informed and moving forward on performance improvement.
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This workshop will build on the foundation from the Introduction to iMIS Dashboards class. You will learn how to setup goals and targets to measure against, adding these to your dashboards and then ensuring that the data is setup to enable this.

This instructor led online workshop combines lecture and labs, with time for lab completion and discussion. Dashboards are a way for you to measure and move your organization forward, this is where to start.

How you will benefit
You will be able to:
  • Create a table for measuring goals and targets
  • Provide data entry capability on your table
  • Use Progress Tracker to show how well you are doing towards meeting those goals and targets
  • Use Alerts and queries to show when key data is missing

Earn credit toward these iMIS Certifications

Course Dates

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Jun 14 2017 10:00AMEuropeemail us to register
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Aug 16 2017 12:00AMNorth Americaregister
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Nov 1 2017 12:00AMNorth Americaregister
Dec 6 2017 12:00AMNorth Americaregister
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Jan 31 2018 12:00AMNorth Americaregister
Apr 11 2018 12:00AMNorth Americaregister
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Pricing Matrix

This course is a 1 session At Your Desk course.

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