Certified iMIS Administrator (CiA)

The Certified iMIS Administrator program was developed as an objective means of distinguishing yourself as highly skilled and knowledgeable in the administration, configuration and management of iMIS.  You know and follow ASIs best practices and standards for working with iMIS.  You also help your organization achieve continuous performance improvement.

Who should apply?

Experienced iMIS Administrators with at least one (1) year of experience working with iMIS and who are looking achieve formal recognition through ASI’s assessment that your skills and experience are aligned with ASI’s iMIS best practice methods and solutions. The certification will distinguish you as a knowledgeable iMIS administrators and reassures your organization that to maintain your certification you will be current on the most recent iMIS best practices.

Why should I get certified?

You benefit. Certification as a CiA is a distinction that proves your understanding of the core functionality of iMIS as well as the current practices for managing and administering an iMIS system. Getting certified will not only increase your skills, but also demonstrate your knowledge to your organization and peers.

Your organization benefits. Through the certification process, you will be able to demonstrate to your organization that you are skilled managing their iMIS system, are capable of performing upgrades of iMIS, and are prepared to help them achieve continuous performance improvement through iMIS.

What are the prerequisites?

You will need to be able to demonstrate at least 1 year of experience in working with iMIS. You will need to submit an explanation of this work to ASI to enable assessment that it was aligned to ASI best practice standards for using the product as designed. You will also be required to complete ASI training classes such that you have earned a minimum of 12 professional development units. The final step will be to take a CiA knowledge assessment test and achieve a passing mark.

What is the Certification Process?

  • Enroll in the Program below, which will start you on your process
  • Once all the elements are submitted, your application will go to the CiA Review Committee.
  • You will be informed about your acceptance, rejection or deferral into the CiA program by the CiA Review Committee.
You do not need to do these in the order above, but you cannot be certified until all 4 steps are completed and once commenced you complete the process within 6 months.

For how long is the certification valid?

CiAs maintain their certification for 1 year from the day they become certified.  At the end of the renewal period, you will need to achieve a total of 12 additional professional development units, which are defined on our website. Every second year, you will also be required to pass a short refresher knowledge assessment that covers the materials in the intervening 2 years to help ensure you are keeping your skills current.

Professional Development Units for iMIS Cloud Enterprise Version

You can earn you PDUs in a number of different ways as outlined below:

(Note: you can check Your ASI Training Transcript for the list of classes and activities you have taken with ASI. In your application, you can list additional credits you have earned outside of ASI.)

Topic Coverage



All Topics

Certified iMIS Administrator Bootcamp



General iMIS Knowledge



Essentials of iMIS Contacts



Essentials of iMIS Billing



Mastering iMIS Membership Setup



Essentials of iMIS Accrual Billing



Essentials of iMIS Finance



Mastering iMIS Finance



Essentials of iMIS Events


  Essentials of iMIS Events Setup



Mastering iMIS Events by Example



Essentials of iMIS Commerce



Essentials of iMIS Communities



System Management



 Mandatory Essentials of iMIS Security


Essentials of iMIS Panel Designer



Essentials of iMIS Email



Essentials of iMIS Email Marketing



Mastering iMIS Email Personalization



Data Management



 Mandatory Essentials of IQA


Mastering IQA Queries



Essentials of Applying IQA Queries



Essentials of iMIS Dashboards



Mastering iMIS Dashboards



Essentials of Business Object Designer



Mastering BOD with iMIS Expression Builder



Essentials of iMIS Process Automation



Mastering iMIS Process Automation



Essentials of iMIS Engagement Scoring



Essentials of iMIS Report Writer



Website Management

iMIS RiSE: Best Practices for Website Content



Essentials of iMIS RiSE Content Management



Essentials of Designing iMIS RiSE Websites


   iMIS RiSE: Account Pages

Conference Attendance

iNNOVATIONS Conference (for renewals)



NiUG Conferences (1 per certification)


Topics covered in the Certified iMIS Cloud Administrator knowledge assessment

Here is a partial list of topics that are likely to be covered in the knowledge assessment and are item which all CiAs should know about and be comfortable with:
  • General iMIS Knowledge
    • Staff Site
    • Community
    • Membership
    • Events
    • Commerce
    • Finance
    • Marketing / Communications
    • System Settings
  • Data Management / Extraction
    • Reporting with iMIS Report Writer
    • Intelligent Query Architect
    • Dashboards and KPIs / Continuum
    • Business Object Designer
    • Expression Builder
    • Dynamic Data Sources and Panels
    • Process Automation
  • Website Management / RiSE
    • Site Builder
    • Page Builder
    • Shortcuts
    • Account Pages
    • Tagging
    • Maintenance
    • Themes
  • Security
    • PCI Compliance
    • System Security
    • User level security
    • Company and Group Administrator roles

Last updated: 5 November 2020

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Who should apply:

This certification is designed for:

  • Administrators who manage iMIS systems for organizations
  • Individuals who take an active role in helping manage the use of iMIS within their organization
  • New consultants working with iMIS for clients


Certification objectives:

This certification is designed to ensure those people who help manage iMIS are current on their iMIS knowledge and understand the best practices for administering iMIS .



  • At least 1 year experience in working with iMIS
  • Complete required Essentials courses in the ASI Learning Hub
  • Complete Elective courses, earning a total of 12 professional development units
  • Passing mark on the CiA knowledge assessment


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